The Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP) in Gandhigram Rural Institute (GRI)-Deemed University was started to function in June 2010 as per UGC guidelines. The concept of Social Exclusion originated in France in 1970s and eventually acquired wider currency in academic milieu across the world to characterize discriminations and disadvantages of marginalized groups. Moreover, the manifestations of Social Exclusion vary across countries. In some countries, immigrants or racial minorities are excluded; in others, ethnic or religious minorities. Social Exclusion refers to the complex processes that deny certain groups full participation in society. At GRI, we use the phrase “Social Exclusion” to refer the processes by which entire marginal groups like Dalits, Adivasis, and Subalterns etc. are systematically denied rights, opportunities and resources that are ensured for all citizens to accomplish their full participation in society. Since its inception, the Centre is marching towards achieving the goal of a more inclusive and just society through teaching, research, extension and networking with the Third Sectors. Currently, the Centre is engaged in conceptualizing and understanding the process, nature and forms of Social Exclusion. Also, the Centre is engaged in identifying the unmet need of policies, the challenges and prospects of inclusive policies. 



To built a more socially inclusive and a just society, in which all communities are empowered with access to rights, equalities, opportunities, resources and power.



We endeavor to ensure the excluded segments/social groups of our society- the rights, self-respect, dignity, integrity, judicial equity and full participation. We espouse strategies and policy advocacy for socio-economic, political and cultural inclusion of deprived social groups. Together, we work to annihilate the barriers that prohibit access to these essential rights, resources, opportunities and power by advocating for structural change in our society.

Thrust Areas

1. Social Groups: Dalits, Adivasis, Women, Backward Classes, Religious, Ethnic and

                              Linguistic Minorities, Trans-genders, People with HIV/AIDS, 

                              Differentially-abled, Population Ageing and other social ‘misfits’.


2. Sectoral Groups: Subaltern groups (Marginal farmers, Agricultural laborers,    

                                  Bonded labors, Informal and Unorganized sector workers,   

                                  Manual scavengers etc), Child workers, Sex workers etc.

         We pursue our mission through the following areas of activities:


GRI-CSSEIP Newsletter 'One Humanity' will be published quarterly which features articles that highlight the issues of social exclusion and inclusive policy and bring out the ideas and discussions that seek to combat the problem of social exclusion. The title for newsletter is inspired by Classical Tamil Sangam poet Thirumoolar’s famous paraphrase ‘One Humanity, One God’ (Onrae Kulam, Oruvane Devan) which implied the universal equality of all kinds of people irrespective of their caste, ethnicity, race, linguistic or religious backgrounds.  



List of Faculties, CSSEIP, GRI



Dr. C. Ramanujam

Associate Professor cum Deputy Director & Coordinator

Mobile: 09865609890



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Dr. A. Mani                                         

Assistant Professor cum Assistant Director

Mobile: 09976914529, 09865909795                                                                       



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Mr. P. A. Sam Velladhurai

Assistant Professor cum Assistant Director,                 

Mobile: 09840391263




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Dr. Anjuli Chandra

Assistant Professor cum Assistant Director

Mobile: 09715339798




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