Gandhiji was building many creative concepts, time to time. One such was Constructive Programme. This is one of the important branches of his activities for the realization of his goal. It is central to the understanding of Gandhian Thought. Constructive programmes aim at building a new socio-economic and political order based on non-violence, equality and welfare of all. They include Communal unity, Removal of untouchability, Prohibition, Khadi, Village industries, Village sanitation, Basic education, Adult education, National language, Economic equality, Welfare of kisans, Labourers, Adivasis, Eradication of leprosy and Welfare of students.
         The Govt. of Tamilnadu sanctioned Rs.10, 00,000/- to construct a Museum of Constructive Programme of Mahatma Gandhi at the premises of Gandhigram Rural Institute in the Year 1991.
The first phase of the Museum work was completed in 1993 and the same was inaugurated by late Shri.Sadiq Ali, Chairman, All India Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, New Delhi. The Museum was thrown open to the public on 5th February, 1997 by Dr.A.T.Ariyaratne, President, Sarvodaya Shramdan Movement, Srilanka. Situated in an area of 866.56 sq.m., the Museum has 50 panels and nearly 1000 exhibits displayed in the form of photographs, paintings, models, toys etc. Authentic photographs were procured from Gandhi Darshan and Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi and Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai and many live photographs were also taken depicting the theme of the museum.
Objectives of Museum

1.  To give a scientific temper for the constructive programme within the Gandhian frame work.
2. To attract the visitors from different parts of the country by way of providing visual effect on  Gandhian constructive programmes.
3. Finally, it is targeted towards sustainable development, peace and harmony through constructive programme and to enroll a committed cadre of constructive workers in the country.


Picture Post-Cards & Monographs
The Dept. of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Govt.of India had sanctioned a sum of Rs.1, 60,000/- to publish picture post cards and monographs on constructive programme of Mahatma Gandhi in June, 2003. Utilizing this fund, cards depicting the various Gandhian objectives under eighteen themes and monographs entitled Gandhi’s Constructive Programme: An Antidote to Globalized Economic Planning  by Prof.N.Radhakrishnan, Constructive Programme forever by Dr.M.P.Gurusamy, Inter-religious thoughts by Dr.S.Narayansamy and Constructive Programme – An Introduction by Dr.M.Mallammal were published by the Museum.

Flood of Visitors

Among those who paid visits to the Museum, Former President of India, Shri.R.Venkatraman, Her Excellency, Former Governor of Tamilnadu, Ms.Fathima Beevi, Shri.D.R.Karthikeyan, Former Director of CBI, New Delhi, School Children, College students, Members of NGOs, Village youth and Foreigners spent a good deal of time in the Museum. Around 10,000 visitors tread their feet to follow the foot prints of the Father of the nation every year.
          The constructive programmes are meant for bringing fundamental changes in the society. They are universal in character. They are applicable not only to India but also for the whole world.


The Museum is kept open between 9.00A.M to 5.30P.M on all working days and on holidays with prior request.