Department profile

The Department of Physical education was established in the year 1976. Since inception the department functions with the prime objective of creation of sports awareness among the students of GRI as most of them hail from the remote rural regions of Tamilnadu and other states. For the promotion of sports standards the department facilitates the students with training facilities in almost all major sport. Trained teams of GRI have made markable achievements in district and state level competitions. The yoga centre mends the young minds of GRI and promotes self discipline and yogic order of life through its yoga awareness programmes.


Infrastructure facility


Out door facility

 1. Basketball court
2. Ball badminton court
3. Cricket Oval
4. Football field
5. Kabaddi Court
6. Kho-Kho court
7. Volleyball courts
8. 400 mts standard track (mud track)



  Indoor facility

Shuttle badminton Court (cement)
2. Chess
3. Carrom
4. Table Tennis

Other Facility
  1. 16 station gym for men

2. 4 station Gym for women