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Welcome to the Alumni Home Page – a virtual hub where memories meet the future! As proud graduates of the Gandhigram Rural Institute(Deemed To Be University), this is your exclusive space to reconnect, reminisce, and explore the incredible journeys that have unfolded since your time on campus.

Alumni hold a special and enduring significance within the fabric of any educational institution. They are the living testament to the mission and values of the alma mater, embodying the transformative power of education and the potential for positive change.They are the torchbearers of the institution's legacy of excellence. As they venture into the world, armed with knowledge and experiences gained during their academic journey, they carry the banner of their alma mater high. The achievements of alumni reflect not only their personal success but also the quality of education and nurturing environment provided by the institution. Alumni stories serve as a source of inspiration for current students.

Engaged and successful alumni contribute significantly to the growth and development of their alma mater. Their accomplishments enhance the reputation of the institution, attracting prospective students, faculty, and benefactors. Alumni involvement in various capacities, including mentorship, fundraising, and advocacy, plays a pivotal role in sustaining and advancing the institution's mission.

About the Alumni Cell

The Alumni Cell in a university plays a pivotal role in fostering and maintaining a strong and vibrant relationship between the institution and its graduates. This dedicated cell serves as a bridge connecting alumni with each other, the current student body, and the alma mater itself.

It is responsible for establishing and maintaining a database of alumni, ensuring effective communication and updates. It strengthens the alumni network by organizing reunions, networking events, and other alumni-centric activities.

Members of the Alumni Cell

Dr. M.Mary Shanthi Rani,
The Co-ordinator, Alumni Cell
Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science &Applications, GRI(DTBU)

Dr. C.Raja Mohan,
The Deputy Co-ordinator, Alumni Cell
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics, GRI(DTBU)
Contact : alumni.gri@gmail.com

Advisory Committee of the Alumni Cell

S.No Committee Members
1 The Vice Chancellor, GRI
2 The Registrar, GRI
3 The Controller of Examinations
4 The coordinator, CBCS
5 The Dean, School of Tamil and Indian Languages
6 The Dean, School of English and Foreign Languages
7 The Dean, School of Health Sciences and Rural Development
8 The Dean, School of Social Sciences
9 The Dean, School of Management Studies
S.No Committee Members
10 The Dean, School of Sciences
11 The Dean, School of Computer Science & Technologies
12 The Dean, School of Agriculture & Animal sciences
13 The Dean, Student’s Welfare
14 The Director, IQAC
15 The Director, Computer Centre
16 The Finance Officer, GRI
17 The Deputy Co-ordinator, Alumni Cell
18 The Co-ordinator, Alumni Cell

Working Committee of the Alumni Cell

S.No. Name Departments
1 Dr. S. Chidambaram
Assistant Professor
Department of Tamil
2 Dr.Khandare Chandu Laxman
Assistant Professor
Department of Hindi
3 Ms. N. Suganthi
Associate Professor
School of English and Foreign Languages
4 Dr.P.Anandharajakumar
Professor & Head
Department of Rural Development
5 Dr.M.Muthukumar
Assistant Professor & Director i/c
Centre for Geoinformatics
6 Dr.M.Hillaria Soundari
Associate Professor
Centre for Applied Research
7 Ms.A.Jansi Rani
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Rural Health and Sanitation
8 Dr. R. Venkataravi
Associate Professor & Director i/c
Centre for Extension and Lifelong Learning
9 Dr.R.Mani
Professor & Head
Department of Gandhian Thought and Peace Science
10 Dr. R.Kumaran
Assistant Professor & Head-in-Charge
Department of Sociology
11 Dr. K.S.Nakkeeran
Professor & Head
Department of Political Science & Development Administration
12 Dr. N. Devaki
Assistant Professor
Department of Education
S.No. Name Departments
13 Dr. H. Samuel Thavaraj
Assistant Professor
Department of Rural Industries & Management
14 Dr. K. Manikandan
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
15 Dr. K. Dhevan
Assistant Professor
Department of Cooperation
16 Dr. M. Suresh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
17 Dr. C.Raja Mohan
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
18 Dr.M.Sreenivasaperumal
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
19 Dr. R. Sahul Hameed
Assistant Professor
Department of Home Science
20 Dr. R. Ramasubbu
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
21 Dr. T. Kalaiselvi
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Applications
22 Er.B.Sangeethavani
Assistant Professor
Centre for Rural Technology
23 Dr.V.Kirubakaran
Associate Professor &Director i/c
Centre for Rural Energy
24 Dr. S. Arivazhagan
Assistant Professor
Centre for Applied Geology


Whether it's volunteering for campus events or contributing to philanthropic initiatives, there are numerous ways to get involved in enhancing the visibility of the institute at national and global level. Your active participation strengthens the bond between alumni and our alma mater, creating a legacy that transcends generations.

Dear Esteemed Alumni,

GRI, since 1956 is constantly striving hard in its own way to foster academic excellence, nurture talent, and shape the minds of tomorrow's leaders, through higher education. GRI takes immense pride in the achievements of its Alumni and the impact they make in India and beyond.

The Alumni Cell, GRI is reaching out to its acclaimed Alumni to join together in strengthening our Alma Mater, by compassionately contributing to the fund-raising efforts. Your generosity will facilitate us to transform the educational and research experience of our students and scholars. Your contribution will be directed towards creation of new learning opportunities in our campus, in many ways.

Fund for Scholarships: Financial constraints obstruct many talented students from reaching their goals. Your donations in the form of scholarships and financial aid to deserving students can help in making their educational dreams a reality.

Fund for Research Promotion: Empower our faculty members and research scholars to expand the boundaries of their innovation in their respective fields.

Fund for Infrastructure: For augmentation and modernization of infrastructure for teaching and learning in order to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for our students.

Fund Contribution

  • For creating better residential / educational / research facilities for the Institute community.
  • To create and establish endowments for granting scholarships, fellowships, prizes and medals to the students showing high proficiency in their studies.
  • Login for making fund contribution.

Fund for Student Services: For creation and augmentation of comprehensive support systems, extracurricular activities, and career development resources.

Your financial support reaffirms your commitment to the values and mission of our Alma Mater and strengthens the legacy we all share.

You can become part of the GRI Alumni Community by registering your details in the login page of the official website of GRI (https://ruraluniv.ac.in/includes/AlumniGRI/Alumni/loginpage)

Your contribution can be made to GRI Alumni Fund using the link “RaiseGRI” on the alumni home page menu (https://ruraluniv.ac.in/includes/AlumniGRI/#contribution).

Together, we can create a profound change in the lives of current and future students, ensuring that the spirit of excellence and innovation continues to propel the journey of GRI.

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Alumni Meet - 2024

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Class Reunions and Events

Stay tuned for upcoming class reunions and events that bring you back to the heart of campus. Rekindle friendships, share laughter, and celebrate the bonds that were forged during your academic journey. Whether it's a milestone anniversary or a casual gathering, these events are your chance to revive again the magic of your alma mater.