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Governance System

      The Institute shall adhere to the following criteria:

  • The Gandhigram Rural Institute, a Fully MHRD funded Deemed University through UGC is registered under Societies Registration Act.
  • The Institute registered a not-for profit Society under the Societies Registration Act, shall function strictly in accordance with the following provisions.
  • Among the authorities of the Institute, there shall be a Chancellor who shall be appointed by the Government of India. He/She shall be an eminent educationist or distinguished public figure.
  • The highest governing body of the Institute shall be a Board of Management to be headed by the Vice-Chancellor. This body shall consist of a minimum of ten members and a maximum of twelve members.
  • The Board of Management of the Institute shall be independent of the GRI Society with full autonomy to perform its academic and administrative responsibilities. The composition of Board of Management of the Institute shall be in accordance with Item 3.0 of the Rules of GRI.
  • The Board of Management shall consist of eminent persons capable of contributing to and upholding university ideals and traditions.
  • There shall be a Board of Management as per Item 3.0 of the Rules of the Institute and the composition of the Board of Management shall be as under:
        i) Vice-Chancellor (Chairperson)
       ii) Two Deans of Faculties (by rotation based on seniority)
      iii) Three eminent academicians as nominated by the Chancellor
      iv) One eminent academic to be nominated by UGC
       v) Two teachers (One from Professors, One from Associate Professors) by rotation based on seniority
      vi) One eminent academician to be nominated by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)
      vii) A representative of MHRD not below the rank of Director/DS.
      The Registrar, who shall be the Secretary.

  • The Vice-Chancellor shall be an eminent academic and shall be appointed as per the manners laid down under Section 25 of the Rules of the Institute and as here under
      i) The Vice-Chancellor shall be an eminent academic and shall be appointed by the Chancellor, from the panel of five names suggested by a Search-cum-Selection Committee (SCSC), constituted by MHRD with the concurrence of Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). The composition of SCSC shall be as follows:
      a) A nominee of Chancellor
      b) Two nominees of Central Government of which at least one should be outside expert of eminence
      c) Two nominees of Board of Management
      The Chairman SCSC shall be decided by the Central Government
      ii) The Vice-Chancellor shall be appointed by the Chancellor, after approval of the Central Government
      iii) The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for term of 5 years. He/she shall be eligible for a second term, provided that a in no case he/she shall hold office beyond the age of 70 years. Provided that notwithstanding the expiry of the period of 5 years, he/she may continue in office for not more than six months or till his/her successor is appointed and the later assumes office, whichever, is earlier.
      iv) In case of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor becoming vacant due to resignation or otherwise, the charge shall be given to the senior most Professor, with approval of the Government, who shall perform the duties of the Vice-Chancellor until a new Vice-Chancellor is appointed. In case, Vice-Chancellor proceeds on leave, the senior most Professor shall look after the affairs of the Vice-Chancellor.

  • The other Statutory Bodies of the Institute shall be Planning and Monitoring Board, Academic Council, Finance Committee, Board of Studies and such other authorities as may be prescribed by the Rules of the Institute.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in MoA/Rules, the Governance System and Management Structure shall not be changed/amended without the approval of the Government of India.

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