Examination Time Table
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Examination System

Semester Examinations will be held twice in a year. Odd semester examinations will be held in November and even semester examinations in April.

A. Registration
  1. Every newly admitted student has to register his/her complete profile in the Computer Centre within 20 days from the commencement of classes. The Examination Registration Card will be extracted by the Controller’s Office and the same will be sent to the Faculty/Department concerned for validation by the students and the Head of the Department.

  2. Candidates, while validating the Examination Registration Card, have to check whether the name is correctly spelt with correct initial(s) as given in the Higher Secondary Course Certificate (HSCC). The spelling found in the Registration Card alone will be given in the Statements of Grades/Provisional Certificate/Degree/Diploma etc.
B. Examination
  1. Notification inviting applications for the semester examinations will normally be issued by the Office of the Controller of Examinations 30-45 days before the commencement of the examinations

  2. In addition to the Examination fee prescribed, a fee of Rs. 10/-and Rs. 50/- must be remitted towards cost of application form and for each Statement of Grades respectively

  3. In the case of students of the final semester of all programmes, a fee of Rs.75/- each has to be remitted towards the cost of Consolidated Statement of Grades and Provisional Certificate (total RS.150/-).

  4. Examination fee for supplementary courses must be remitted into Registrar's Account No.10000 at Canara Bank,GRU Branch, Gandhigram.

  5. Failed candidates who appealed against the results should also pay the examination fee for those papers without waiting for the appeal results.

  6. Private candidates who have left the University after the completion of their programme shall also remit examination and other fees either in Canara Bank, GRU Branch, Gandhigram or send the same by Demand Draft favouring The Registrar, Gandhigram Rural Institute' either on Canara Bank payable at Gandhigram (Bank Code No.8500) or on State Bank of India payable at Ambathurai (Bank Code No.3373).

  7. Incomplete applications, applications not accompanied by Canara Bank chalan or Demand Draft and applications received after the due date will be summarily rejected.

C. Hall Tickets
  1. The Chief Superintendent for Semester Examinations will issue Hall Tickets to those who have 80% and more attendance, as certified by the HOD / Dean concerned.

  2. The Chief Superintendent for Semester Examinations will issue Hall Tickets to candidates through the respective HODs / Deans. The candidates of all semesters, while getting Hall Tickets, have to produce No Dues' Certificate obtained from 1. Registrar's Office, 2. Hostel Office, 3. Library and 4. Department and other sections as required.

  3. Private Candidates may get their Hall Tickets from the Chief Superintendent for semester examinations after producing Identification letter obtained from anyone of the faculty members of Department concerned.

  4. For every examination, the candidate has to produce his/ her Hall Ticket and ID card failing which the candidate will not permitted to appear for that examination.

  5. If a candidate fails to bring his/her Hall Ticket, he/she will not be permitted to appear for that particular examination.

  6. If the Hall Ticket has been lost, he/she should get written permission from the Chief Superintendent for semester examinations to write that examination and show the same to the Invigilator. He/she has to get a duplicate Hall Ticket from the Controller of Examinations immediately after that examination by remitting a fine of Rs.20/ in the Bank to appear for the remaining examinations in that semester.

  7. If the Duplicate Hall Ticket is also lost, the candidate will not be permitted to appear for subsequent examinations.

D. Results
  1. Results of semester examinations will normally be published within 2-4 weeks' time after the completion of the ESEs.

  2. Statements of Grades will be sent to the HODs within 10-15 days from the date of publication of the results. Any discrepancy found in the Statement of Grades should be brought to the notice of the Controller of Examinations within 5 days from the date of receipt at the office of the HOD / Dean concerned.

E. Certificates
  1. Each student completing the programme successfully will be issued with a consolidated Statement of Grades and a Provisional Certificate along with final semester grade statement.

F. Malpractice
  1. No candidate shall resort to any malpractice like copying in the Examination Hall.

  2. In case anyone is found copying, his/her answer papers will be seized and the candidate will be sent out. His/her Hall Ticket will also be seized. He/she cannot appear for subsequent examinations in that semester.

  3. Malpractice cases will be referred to the Discipline Committee (Examinations) and the punishment given on the basis of the recommendation of the Discipline Committee shall be final.

  4. Punishment for malpractice varies from debarring a candidate from appearing for examinations for any number of semesters, in addition to failing the candidate in that particular course or in all the courses of the semester.

G. Project Report/Dissertation
  1. All U.G. students shall submit, as part of their academic work, a Project Report based on their study of a subject in the library, laboratory and/or field.

  2. All P.G./ M.Phil. Students shall submit, as part of their academic work, a Dissertation on their study of a subject in the library, laboratory and/or field.

  3. The last date for the submission of the Project Report/ Dissertation shall be
    • UG: March 17
    • PG: March 24 (All PGs except MCA/M.Sc.(IT)/M.Sc.(Geo)/MBA Programmes )
              April 13 (MCN M.Sc. (1T)/M.Sc.(Geo)/ MBA Programmes )

  4. Project Reports/Dissertations carrying the emblem of the University printed anywhere will be summarily rejected.

Medals, Awards and Rank Certificates
  1. Students securing the highest mark in the aggregate, but not less than 60% marks in B.A., M.A., PG Dip., and Diploma programmes in Arts &Humanities, and 70% marks in B.Sc., M.Sc., M.C.A., P.G.Dip., Post Diploma and Diploma programmes, excepting part-time courses, will be considered for the award of medals.

  2. Gold medals will be given to the First rank holders of each discipline as per the rules.

  3. Only those who have passed all the courses (subjects) in the first attempt are eligible for the award.

  4. Rank Certificate will be issued by the Controller of Examinations to those students, who have completed their programme successfully as mentioned under point No. 3 above, in the prescribed format which is approved by the authorities of the GRI. The number of Rank s to be issued will be as follows:

Programme strength No. of Ranks
10-20 students Two Ranks (02)
More than 20 students Three Ranks (03)
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