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Proposal Submission, Review and Selection

  • Proposals will be submitted on-line by the Local Institute Coordinator of an approved host Institute through the National GIAN portal in the prescribed proforma
  • Each proposal will be submitted to a Sectional Committee
  • The proposing Institution will ensure that the International Faculty can communicate in English or a suitable language that is clearly the appropriate medium of instruction for the said course
  • The courses will primarily be for credit and cover
  • 10 to 14 hours for a typical 1 credit course over a period of at least one week covering 5 working days and
  • 20 to 28 hours for a 2 credit course over a period of at least 2 weeks covering 10 working days
  • The course will have regular evaluation mechanisms. For alternative credit structures, such normalized credit equivalence will be explained in the proposal
  • The proposer is expected to be aware that if the proposal is selected then the International Faculty is expected to accept to participate
  • The Chairperson of the Sectional Committee will designate all or some members of the Sectional Committee to review the proposal and give their views
  • He may, if felt needed, also arrange for selection of reviewers and obtaining the reviews. The recommendation will be finalized by the Chairperson of the Sectional Committee
  • Selected proposals will be forwarded to the GIAN Implementation Committee. The process will be made on-line
  • The GIAN Implementation Committee will develop methods for final approval of the proposals
  • In some cases, proposals may directly go to the GIAN Implementation reputed sources like National and Foreign Academies, Embassies, Government, etc. or may be initiated by the GIAN Implementation Committee itself
  • Such proposals will be submitted to the portal either by a member of the GIAN Implementation Committee or through the National or Regional Coordinator
  • Each approved programme will be publicized on-line in the GIAN portal

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